D2 Destinations: Downtown Cannabis Gallery

We’re so excited to show you our new Downtown Cannabis Gallery! Quinlan is here to walk you through and show you where the magic happens.

D2 Dispensary - Downtown Cannabis Gallery. Newly Remodeled!

D2 Dispensaries: Meet our Managers!

Meet Quinlan and Sabrina, and hear a bit about the philosophy behind D2 and the experience you’ll have at our store!

iLAVA Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

GOLD is the pinnacle of convenience and quality in a disposable vape. Each battery is set to the optimal temperature for the terpene content of its specific strain. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all vape!
MOLECULAR is a rechargeable disposable live resin vape rich with natural flavor, a high terpene profile, and a potent euphoria.

ATOMIC Disposable Vapes feature a high terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) sauce that retains the full range of compounds from the associated strain.

iLAVA Topicals

iLAVA produces two award winning topicals created with relief in mind; iLAVA Touch and iLAVA Feel. Learn more about how these products can help you by watching these testimonials!

High Scorez Sauce Infused Prerolls

Your new infused favorite. High quality sauce prerolls, 1 gram of flower, 0.2 grams of sauce powered by iLAVA Infusion.  Available now!

DTF Signature - Downtown Flower

Our signature tier, top shelf in house flower brand! Featuring quality strains curated by Tyreese Willams. 

Roaring 20s Premium Prerolls

20% + THC, 0% Prohibition. Top quality house grown prerolls available in Roar, Rest, or Rebalance varieties to suit your needs any time of day. Available now!

zenzona vegan gummies

Available in a variety of flavors, zenzona are vegan cannabis gummies crafted from a pectin base that are delicious and effective! Try one of Tucson’s favorite edibles today!

iLAVA Lumen

Top quality supreme translucent extracts available in budder, sugar wax, and crumble in a variety of strain options.